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DaTo DAS1026 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

DaTo DAS1026 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Code Reader with Full Systems

Wireless OBD II diagnostic scanner is not new, but DaTo DAS1026 is. It is also more. Besides the common functions of a basic OBD II diagnostic scanner/code reader such as reading and clearing fault codes, displaying inspection and maintenance readiness status, and viewing vehicle data past and present, it has evolved into a power machine with much enhanced features. It displays live oxygen sensor data, tests your car’s EVAP to find any leak in the fuel system, and even prints your diagnostic reports through your PC, to name a few.


  • Read Codes & Erase Codes: Quickly read the error code and clear pending error code in 3 seconds, help you save time and money to fix it yourself if possible.
  • Built-in 8000+ OBD II Fault Code Look-Up Library: Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means, we offer a lot more information on trouble codes.
  • Evap System Test: The OBD2 system monitors the fuel system for fuel vapor leakage to ensure that no hydrocarbons (HC) leak into the atmosphere. and the diagnostic device only displays its status and test results.
  • Data Stream: Live data stream can show certain vehicle elements in graph to monitor your vehicle status.
  • O2 Sensor Test: Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test result for the most recently performed test from the vehicle’s on-board computer.
  • Real Time Battery Voltage: Show the real-time voltage changes to monitor your battery health,detect faults and bad cells.
  • Live Data About Performance Test: Show each data source as a Graph, Gauge, or Digital Display ; Live Data are displayed in a time-based chart to help customers to better analyze the abnormal parameter.
  • Important Vehicle Information: Displays the vehicle specifications, such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration Verification Number).
  • Freeze Frame: Get a snapshot of the vehicle when a Freeze Frame Code was stored.
  • I/M Readiness:Determine if your vehicle is ready for quick state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification.
  • Mode 6: Advanced test results (like misfire counts) for On-Board Diagnostic System Monitors.




Working Voltage


Working current


Bluetooth frequency


Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.0

Operating temperature

-30°C~70°C (-22°F~158°F)

Storage temperature

-40°C~85C (-40°F~185°F)

How to Use

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