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Launch CRT511 Bluetooth TPMS Sensor

Launch CRT511 Bluetooth TPMS Sensor

  • Brand:LAUNCH
  • Product Code: 005292
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  • Weight: 460.00g
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Launch CRT511 Bluetooth TPMS Sensor


Launch CRT511 Bluetooth TPMS Sensor is a powerful and versatile tool offers 98% coverage of global vehicles with tire pressure system. And Launch CRT511 Bluetooth TPMS Sensor is ideal for repair shops or tire shops to easily and accurately find and diagnose the faulty tire pressure sensor read tire sensor status, read and clear tire pressure DTCs, and reset, relearn and reprogram TPMS sensors. 


1. Covers over 98% global vehicles with tire pressure system.

2. Activate and match with all 315 MHz/ 433 MHz tire pressure sensors.

3. Reset, relearn and reprogram tire pressure sensors fast.

4. Diagnose the tire pressure issues, read and clear tire pressure DTCs.

5. Reprogramming LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times.

6. Read tire pressure, tire temperature and battery status accurately.

7. Reprogram up to 8 sensors at one time.

8. Built-in learning tutorial for easy operation.

9. Multiple ID generation methods: Manual creation, Copy ID, Automatic creation.

10. OBD 2 / EOBD functions included.



3.5 inch


320*480 Pixel


3100 mAh

Input Voltage


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



200*115*35 mm

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