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Return Policy

Goods once sold out online are not returnable or refundable. We recommend and suggest all our customers to thoroughly understand the products, its features, functions and evaluate its performance before proceeding to purchase the items. Should you have any clarifications please feel free to contact our offices by calling our landline on 00971-6-5303915 and 00971-6-5322644 (UAE) from Saturday to Thursday 8 am to 6pm (GMT+4).


Machines/articles that are found defective at the initial stage of usage could be replaced with new products if:

  • a. The machine is accepted to be replaced by our technical team
  • b. The machine and packing is not damaged and the warranty seal is well in tact
  • c. The machine does not have physical or over voltage damage issues
  • d. Damages cause by in-appropriate usages.
  • e. Manufacturing defects beyond service


For delivered products, the cost of the item can be refunded to you only the below 2 options:

  • 1. There is an error with the delivery and you have received the wrong item.
  • 2. Error on our side against the price or description, over delayed delivery without prior notice
  • 3. Order gets cancelled due to lack of stocks or unavailability of the resources.

Refund Procedure:

Payment shall be returned back on the same payment transfer method used for purchase on our website.

Refund Time Scale:

Depending the financial institutions and the region/ country, the payment shall be transferred back within 30 (thirty) days from the date of raising your refund claim.


Warranty on products if applicable shall vary from 1month, 3month, 6 month, 12month etc as per the product. The warranty is not applicable to cases other than defects in material, design and workmanship. Warranty obligations are limited to repair of defective product or replacement of the defective part, or replacement or refund according to market price of the product itself (such decision at the product seller’s discretion). Not all products are covered by the warranty, always check the product listing to know if it includes warranty benefits and the period.