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Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil - Long Drain Interval - DaTo ACTIVE 500

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil - Long Drain Interval - DaTo ACTIVE 500

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SAE 15W40


DaTo Active 500 is a very high performance lubricant for diesel engines. It is formulated with the combination of high performance additives and highly refined base stocks which ensure the control and sweeping away the soot and particles found in high performance engine.


DaTo Active 500 provides the following benefits when used as recommended:

    1. Developed to answer to the very severe technical constraints of new low emission diesel engines
    2. Good efficiency against bore polishing
    3. Very high level thermal stability
    4. Very high detergency and dispersancy levels
    5. Protects from sludge formation
    6. Protects against wear and corrosion
    7. Helps to keep the engine clean


 Dato Active 500


API Grade


Specific Gravity @ 15°C


Flash Point, °C


Pour Point, °C


Viscosity at 40°C, cSt


Viscosity at 100°C,cSt


Viscosity Index


Total Base No., Min.


CCS Viscosity cP at -20’C


Sulfated Ash, % wt.



Dato Active 500 is suitable for all low emission engines meeting Euro 4, 3, 2 and US 2002 emission requirements. Also it has been tested and proven in day - today applications, from severe operation in mining and construction operations..

It is also suitable for many brands of Diesel engines, either locally or globally manufactured brands because it has global performance level DH D-1.


The exclusive additive system delivers improved engine cleanliness and protection against piston deposits allowing to exceed the demanding requirements of most OEMs. It is adapted to the most severe servicing conditions such as transport, mining and public works. And its excellent thermal stability properties keep the stable enhances the oil change interval prolonged.

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